PS - VHDX Files

VHDX Files

For all virtual machines created on Hyper-V for any Production VM, it is mandatory for all VM Disks to use fixed disks as Dynamic disks are inherently mis-aligned when using Hyper-V. Once of the issues with Dynamic VHDX files is that Windows must grow these files upon write which will result in degraded write performance.

By default Hyper-V manager creates VMs with Dynamic Disks. First we will run thought the initial step of creating a fixed disk.

Run the following command

NEW-VHD -Fixed D:\VMNAME\VMNAME_1.vhdx -SizeBytes 100GB
Replacing Volume# with 1 or 2 and replacing VMNAME with specified host name with an ‘_1’ since this is the primary partition.

For example a Server called EGRB-VMDC-P03 would require the following command ran.

The above command will create a 100GB Fixed disk which will be added as a boot partition in the later stage of the VM build.