Utility - IBM / Lenovo - Update Express on Server Core

If you attempt to execute the UpdateXpress System Pack Installer for Microsoft Windows on a server with Server Core installed it will fail as there is no browser installed.
You can use the following command line to update the local system
lnvgy_utl_uxspi_10.1_winsrvr_32-64.exe update -l lnvgy_utl_uxsp_tcsp01p-1.50_windows_32-64.xml
This will gather a local inventory and compare against the required updates
Once gather you can select which updates you require to be installed and then hit a to accept.

The lnvgy_utl_uxspi_10.1_winsrvr_32-64.exe application can be acquired from here:
The xml file is part of the updatexpress pack downloaded from the IBM/Lenovo support site (different per machine type).