Outlook Presence Issues with Skype for Business / Teams

Just a quick one, with teh later versions of Office 365, Microsoft are now setting Teams as the default IM Provider within Outlook if you also use the Teams client.

Whats does this mean.... This means that if you come across a client where Presence Information is not showing (and you're using SfB) then check the following registry settings:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\IM Providers\DefaultIMApp

If you change the DefaultIMApp value from 'Teams' to 'Lync', restart Outlook and your new default IM application and Outlook will now use that as the application for IM integration and you can carry on with your day!

You can also check this setting from within the Team client, Teams allows you to set itself as the 'chat app' directly from within its Settings. Take a look at your account from your avatar (top right of the client) and then Settings: