Teams - Meeting Policies, Lobby and PINs

Meeting Policies

Working for a client recently I had a request to allow PIN-less Teams Meetings. Some of their users had calls with external parties while they were on the road and were dialing in (although they could use the Teams mobile client).

Dialed in Users are seen as 'unauthenticated' and by default will be held in the lobby until an authenticated user joins the Meeting (an authenticated client is someone from the Organisation using a Teams client. If no Authenictacted users joined the Meeting, all callers are stuck in the lobby.

To get around this we amended the Global Meeting Policy to the below:

Meeting Options

Now users can amend the meeting options of individual meetings to allow every to bypass the lobby:

PIN-less Meetings

The problem we had was that clients could forget to set these meeting options and therefore wanted all Meetigns to allow PIN-less entry. This can be set per-user within the Teams Admin Centre under their Audio Conferencing settings:

Or you can set the defualt for all Users (note this does not affect the existing users). You can check the Tenant default settings by running:


You can set the default tenant setting by running:

Set-CsOnlineDialInConferencingTenantSettings -AllowPSTNOnlyMeetingsByDefault $true

You can update an existing users settings by running:

Set-CsOnlineDialInConferencingUser -AllowPstnOnlyMeetings $true 

Hope this helps someone else....


  1. Set-CsOnlineDialInConferencingUser -AllowPstnOnlyMeetings $true


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